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It's the end of 2022 and we  all live in a world which can be fairly called crazy. But while "the powers that be" divide and conquer, start wars and make people's lives worse, often unbearable, the world is blessed to still have those who do the opposite - unite people all across the globe, inspire them to be themselves, to be creative, brave, kind and tolerant to others. The ones who make lives of other people better and brighter. This is what YOU do for us with your music.
Placebo army consists of people of different ages (more and more so), nationalities, education, background… but today we are here together to thank you and to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY (no calling the ambulance today!)
We are happy to have your art in our lives so we would like to wish you the same - please, be happy, Brian Molko! We hope the Universe will hear us and will give you everything what your personal understanding of happiness includes.
THANK YOU for being here! We love you!

P.S. And yes… Get well soon! We need your amazing voice!